Help us Save the Albatross

Help us Save the Albatross

Much of our new SEE crew apparel line is inspired by the Albatross, a large seabird being threatened by extinction. This "most legendary of all birds" is being threatened with extinction because of long line fishing, pollution, rats and feral cats that attack eggs and overfishing resulting in a lack of food. In an effort to bring awareness and support rehabilitation of the albatross a selection of our new crew apparel line has been named in honor of this spectacular bird.

the molly skort:
The Mollymawks are a group of medium sized albatrosses.

the campbell short:
The Campbell Albatross is a medium-sized mollymawk in the albatross family. It breeds only on Campbell Island and the associated islet of Jeanette Marie, a small New Zealand island group in the South Pacific

the marion blouse:
The Prince Edward Islands, made up of the two sub-Antarctic islands of Marion and Prince Edward, are South Africa's only overseas possessions.  The island group contains significant populations of nine species of ACAP-listed albatrosses and petrels.  Notably, the two islands combine support a little over 40% of the global population of the Vulnerable Wandering Albatross.

the robbins short:
U.S. Geological Survey scientist Chandler Robbins has documented a new record for the oldest living North American bird in the wild. By tracking his records of banded birds, he found that a Laysan albatross on Midway Atoll is 63 years old (as of feb 2014), breaking the previous longevity record of 42 years, five months, held by a bird of the same species.


Also, in conjunction with our SEE crew apparel line we have an albatross flag. All proceeds from the albatross flag go to save the albatross funding.

If you are interested in doing more for this bird we encourage you to visit here.